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Learn How User Experience Can Boost Development In Every Aspect

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Benefits of Usability and User Experience

1.Understanding Problems

2.Improving Users’ Quality of Life

3.Increasing Sales

4.Validating Concepts

5.Clarifying Vision

6.Engaging Users as Customers

7.Gaining Credibility

8.Reducing the Resource Burden

9.Improving Estimation​

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Our Speakers


Masood Nasser

Masood is a senior User Experience leader with extensive experience of over 20 years in enabling UX practices in organizations, UX strategy, Research, & Design.

He has an in-depth know-how of solving complex design & business problems by understanding human behavior and applying user-centered design principles. His deep expertise in Cognitive and behavioral psychology has led to substantial improvements in ROI for his clients.

He mentors & develops key talent within organizations and is a much sought-after mentor for Internet based startups in India.

He is currently working on building capabilities for one of the largest UX programs in Riyadh, KSA. This includes UX training, building UX infrastructure like methods, metrics, reusable objects, and Evangelization of UX across 500 Ministries in the country.


Vanitha Shankar

Vanitha has 20+ years of experience leading and implementing CX & innovative solutions working with global corporations and stakeholders. She has worked in different roles and projects with companies like FIS, Citibank, DCB Bank, and Accenture. Her most recent assignment was entrepreneurial, leading a participatory design model, bringing diverse views from citizens, policymakers, industry thinkers, academia, and artists to spark innovative thought leadership.

Vanitha Shankar is a customer experience strategist & educator partnering with different organizations to bring diverse ideas and visions to life. Her focus areas are in strategy, experience design, and innovation. She works with stakeholders to support user research strategy, product ideation & roadmap, opportunity mapping, org frameworks, and service design implementation. She also collaborates with innovation councils, and academic & pioneering UX training institutions like HFI to design and facilitate training programs. Skilled in pioneering customer experience design initiatives in agile environments, she drives strategic business initiatives, outreach programs, CX/innovation workshops, and certification programs.

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User Experience (UX) Foundations
22-23 Nov
The Science and Art of Effective Web and Application Design
6-8 Dec
User-Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design
29 Nov -1 Dec
Practical Usability Testing
13-14 Dec

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