Tailored-Made Packages for Employee Health Screening Program with Beacon Hospital

Save On Medical Claims & Leaves for Organisations

Protecting your employee’s health

Through a comprehensive package of Corporate Health Screening Programs to secure company’s assets with Beacon Hospital Health Screening & Wellness Programs for Employees.

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Have you ever wondered?

Why Sick Leave and Medical Claims in organisations remain high even if employers have been investing tons in employee’s medical benefits?

Introducing Beacon Hospital,

Malaysia’s first hospital that offers Employee Health Screenig & Wellness Program with

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An Expert Team of Medical & Dietetic Professionals

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From A-Z Health Screening Packages for Corporate Employees


Advice on Health, Dietary, Exercise and Stress Management for Employees

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What people say about us

“It was truly an extraordinary experience in participating this Health Screening Program. I felt that I understand my health conditions better!”
Mei Lin
HR from Accounting Firm

Custom Corporate Wellness Programs

For Employee’s Health and Benefits with Beacon Hospital Health Screening & Wellness Program


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Organisational Health Screening Packages Included

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Male Essential Health Pack


Female Essential Health Pack (Below 40 Year Old)

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Female Essential Health Pack (Above 40 Year Old)


Female Advanced Health Pack (Below 40 Year Old)

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Beacon Hospital’s Employee Health Screening & Wellness Program

Sad asian girl in medical face mask looking outside window and yearning go for walk, being ill

Employee Health & Wellness Program

Join The Complete Package 

with Beacon Hospital Health & Wellness Program.

The entire program contains 2 Sessions:

Session 1:
Go through a 2-hours Comprehensive Blood Test

  • 47 Blood Test
  • Focus on Chronic Disease Perimeters
  • Blood Pressure (BP)
  • Body Composition
  • Health Questionnaire

Session 2:
A One-Day (7 Hours) Wellness Workshop

  • Understanding Your Medical Report
  • Doctor’s Summary & Advice
  • Nutritional Knowledge Sharing
  • Helpful Tips & Hands-On Activities
  • Stress Management Practical Exercise
"Employee is a company’s greatest asset. Ensuring their Health & Welfare can boost morale & productivity."

Building a Better Health and Well-Being for Employees

Did you know that early detection is one of the most important factors in surviving patients? 

Screening tests can help in the early detection of diseases such as silent killers like heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer diseases before any symptoms appear. It may then be easier to treat or cure.

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