Learn About The Latest Mobile App Trends, Now!

The mobile app economy has greatly contributed to global GDP and is a major force for both tech and advertising industries. In 2021, app stores saw over $320,000 flow through per minute, a 20% increase from the previous year. Consumers also downloaded 435,000 apps per minute.

Trends For 2023

Here Are The Top Emerging Mobile App

Augmented Reality's Growth Is Expected To Continue.

AR is gaining popularity due to its ability to make the grim reality more appealing. Many apps are adding AR-based features, and IKEA is using it to allow shoppers to virtually "try on" furniture before buying.

Consumers Monetizing App-based Activities.

Making extra cash is not new. Cost-of-living crisis affects all ages and locations. Social networking offers more incentives for monetization. Gamers, content creators, and app users all benefit. New ways to monetize activities are being explored.

Users Are Now A Vital Component Of Mobile App Development.

As beta testing becomes more prevalent, app creators and businesses are paying closer attention to building communities as they recognize the importance of diverse perspectives for gaining valuable feedback and fine-tuning their products.

Mobile wallets and rewards will soar to new heights, benefiting both users and the environment.

The 2021 Mobile Wallet report predicts a 74% rise in usage by 2025, reaching 4.8 billion mobile wallets as users prioritize comfort, security, and responsiveness over traditional banking systems amidst uncertain financial news.

Benefits Of Mastering Mobile App Creation

Career Opportunities

As the demand for mobile apps continues to grow, there are increasing job opportunities for those with mobile app development skills.

Gaining Knowledge Of Mobile App Design

Understanding the design principles and User Experience (UX) of mobile apps can help you in creating more user-friendly and engaging apps.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Developing mobile apps can also open up opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own business or create their own app and potentially make a profit from it.

Courses Offered by InfoTrek

Android Basics with Kotlin

Kotlin course will show you how to build simple Android apps using Kotlin programming language and Android Studio, the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android app development, based on IntelliJ IDEA. It is designed to incorporate most of the fundamental key aspects of the platform.

iOS Development

This is an intermediate to advanced course meant as a follow-on course to Application Development - Introduction. During this course, you will create a reasonably complex iOS program. In the process, it covers the Swift language, storyboards, tab bar controllers, navigation controllers, collection views and view controllers, table views and view controllers, map views and view controllers, passing data between view controllers, reading data from property list and JSON files, custom UI controls, camera and photo library, and core data.


Angular 12 is designed for modern developers who want fast, responsive web apps. This course teaches participants to set up an environment, use TypeScript, and develop with Angular components and services using the MVC architecture. It covers using directives and consuming external APIs, as well as creating forms for data editing.

Flutter Application Development

This course is an introduction to Flutter application development. It covers how to create and compile projects using VSCode, basics of the Swift language and uploading the completed app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


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