Adapt, Iterate, and Succeed – Improve Continuously with Agile Methodology

What is involved in the Agile Business Method?

Agile is a methodology for getting work done quickly and efficiently while minimizing waste. There are various approaches, such as Kanban, Lean Development, and Scrum, but they all share the same core principles of collaboration and flexibility. Scrum is a popular starting point for teams new to Agile. Regardless of the specific approach, Agile emphasizes iterative progress and adapting to change quickly to stay ahead.     

SCRUM – The Most Popular Agile Framework

Scrum helps people, teams, and organizations solve complex problems by generating adaptive solutions. Today, scrum is used in various industries to deliver innovative products and services that exceed customer expectations.

What is Scrum Sprint?

According to the scrum structure, breaking work into sprints of a specified duration is the best way to ensure regular value delivery to stakeholders. A sprint is usually two or four weeks long, and by the conclusion of it,  the team should have something tangible to show for their efforts.

The Five Phases of Scrum Sprint

1. Sprint Planning
During the sprint planning meeting, the team will determine the objectives for the upcoming Sprint and a designated timeframe for most of the project work. Planning is essential to ensure that all team members know their responsibilities within the Sprint and identify the specific tasks that need to be completed.
2. The Sprint
The Sprint is the dedicated period when the team actively works on achieving their sprint goal. The duration of the Sprint may vary based on the team's requirements and can range from one week to one month or longer as necessary to complete the work.
3. Daily Standup Meeting
This is a daily meeting conducted as often as necessary throughout the Sprint period to keep up to date with the team's progress and review the current status of the work process.
4. Sprint Review
This occurs towards the end of the Sprint process when the work is completed or almost done. The review is crucial to showcase or demonstrate the product or piece achieved throughout the Sprint.
5. Sprint Retrospective
The Retrospective is a scheduled moment where the team takes a step back to analyze the recently concluded Sprint, evaluating what worked effectively and what did not.

Most 4 Valuable Benefits of Agile Methodology

More Control

Breaking work into smaller chunks and conducting it in rapid, iterative cycles through incremental development benefits project teams and customers.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

By fostering an environment where customers can adjust their expectations in real-time, Agile methodology helps ensure that the final product meets their needs and expectations.

Better Quality & Productivity

Agile projects are finished in fewer sprints, making them easier to manage. It can also detect and solve problems rapidly. Agile teams may adapt to client feedback and enhance the product.

Higher Return on Investment

The Agile method's iterative nature speeds up product development, keeping you ahead of the competition and reaping the rewards faster as the Agile strategy reduces costs and time to launch by half.

An agile methodology is a versatile approach that can be adopted by teams, organizations, or companies of any size, structure, or industry seeking a streamlined and efficient way of conducting their work.

Scaled Agile Program  Board Template

– From Stormboard

To take your Agile Program to the next level, consider using this template to streamline your work and achieve your goals more efficiently.

AGILE Certification Program by InfoTrek

AGILE Certification Program by InfoTrek


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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

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