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What Made Amazon AWS So Successful and Widely Used?

AWS – The Backbone of Modern Business Infrastructure


Cloud Computing has taken the world by storm in recent years, revolutionizing how we store, process, and access data. At the heart of this technological revolution lies Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing powerhouse that has transformed the industry. By providing businesses with a robust infrastructure, a vast array of services, and unmatched security features, AWS has become the platform for organizations looking to scale and succeed in the cloud.


Fun Fact's

An independent analysis reveals that Amazon AWS holds a market share of 32.4%. In other words, as of the first quarter of 2021, one of every three cloud computing services is hosted on AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS), while MICROSOFT's AZURE follows in second place and GOOLE CLOUD in third, with a market share of 9%. These statistics underscore AWS's dominance in the cloud computing industry and its widespread adoption by businesses worldwide.

Exploring the Boundless Possibilities of Amazon AWS

Where to Implement and How to Benefit from the World's Leading Cloud Platform?

Compute Power

Run virtually any workload on the cloud, from simple web applications to complex machine learning models.


Easily store, protect, and manage your data while reducing infrastructure costs and maintaining high availability and durability.

Databases Analytics

Process and analyze large datasets at scale, and unlock valuable insights to optimize operations, improve customer experiences, and increase revenues.

Content Distribution

Deliver content with low latency, high transfer speeds, and improved reliability, ultimately enhancing online presence and driving business growth.


Including network security, access control, data encryption, threat detection, and compliance management, among others.

Application Development

Build innovative, scalable, and resilient applications easily, reducing time-to-market and increasing competitiveness in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Cloud Computing Giants Unleashed:

AWS Takes the Lead with

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Market Share

Transform Your Industry with AWS: Powering Innovation and Growth in Every Sector.


Get ahead in the cloud game with AWS Certification from Info Trek.

Empowering you with the skills to succeed in the digital age.

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Associate Level

  • Role-based certifications that showcase your knowledge and skills on AWS and build your credibility as an AWS Cloud professional.
  • Prior cloud and/or strong on-premises IT experience recommended.

Developing on AWS – 3 Days

Building the Foundation. Connecting Applications and Data with Event-Driven Processing. Developing and Deploying Secure, Scalable Applications.

Systems Operations on AWS – 3 Days

System Operations on AWS Overview. Managing Resource Consumption in the Cloud. Creating Scalable Deployments in the Cloud. Creating Automated and Repeatable Deployments.

Architecting on AWS – 3 Days

Forklifting an Existing Application onto AWS. Automating and Decoupling Your Infrastructure. Hosting a New Web Application on AWS. The Four Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework .

Professional Level

  • Role-based certifications that validate advanced skills and knowledge required to design secure, optimized, and modernized applications and to automate processes on AWS.
  • 2 years of prior AWS Cloud experience recommended.

Solution Architect Professional

Assess proficiency in creating distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform using your advanced technical skills and experience. It is intended for individuals who have obtained the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification and have at least two years of practical experience designing and implementing AWS cloud architecture.

Dev0ps Engineer Professional

Educate on leveraging DevOps cultural principles, techniques, and tools to enhance your organization's capacity to swiftly develop, deploy, and sustain applications and services on AWS.

HRDC Claimable

Our Training Courses are fully claimable from Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDC)

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Great environment and great & friendly people! Great improvement on the place and classrooms since the last time I was here last 3 years ago. Very good and conclusive environment ot learn new skills.

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Attended InfoTrek's virtual training course during MCO - it was equally as effective as a face-to-face classroom. Instructor made the training work through Google hangouts, and we actually adhered even more closely to study and break timings, Exams passed!

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    Worked with over 200 certified trainers from different industries and strategic brand partners.

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