IT Service Management Made Simple

29 April 2022

10:00am – 10:45am

Duration: 45 mins

About this webinar

FitSM provides requirements based on international standards and commercial best-practice (It draws heavily on  ISO/IEC 20000, ITIL®, COBIT®, Lean, and Agile but without having to dive into the depth of detail of these frameworks), as well as concrete support in terms of templates, guides, and tools useful in implementing IT Service Management and supported by qualification training programs.

The main goal of the FitSM family is to focus on the essentials and provide a “CLEAR, PTRAGMATIC, LIGHTWEIGHT and ACHIEVABLE STANDARD” that allows for effective IT Service Management”.

FitSM: The Lightweight ITSM Standard

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With FitSM in place, organizations can achieve

1. The steps towards implementing the full set of IT Service Management processes

2. Enhancing an organization’s provision of IT services – using a concise, lightweight and achievable ITSM standard

3. Application of effective ITSM processes in federated environments – where services are managed in cooperation with competing or disparate organizations

4. Successful management of specific ITSM processes

5. Implementation of the foundations of effective ITSM processes – in instances where it is not necessary to implement the detailed processes delivered by other frameworks like ISO/IEC 20000

6. Adoption of effective IT processes through checklists and maturity assessment

About This Webinar

In this 45 minute webinar, we will introduce FitSM, the standard for lightweight IT Service Management by our FitSM certified speakers.

Topics to demonstrate on:

1.Key Concept & Purposes



Who Should Attend?

You should attend this webinar if you have any involvement in the provisioning and delivery of an IT service internally or externally, no matter your organizational type, size, or industry and are facing challenges in understanding and adopting the traditional Service Management frameworks or are perhaps exploring better ITSM capabilities.

Our Speaker

Kevin Dutton

Senior consultant at Quint

As a certified FitSM, ITIL 4 Managing Professional, Strategic Leader, and ITIL V3 Expert with over 30 years of experience in ICT industry, Kevin has been involved in a large number of international consultancy assignments and training as well as coaching in the implementation of IT Service Management and ISO/IEC 20000. His assignments have had him traveling across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America whilst working with different global organizations in a variety of industries and cultures.

Our Speaker

Sean Low

Senior consultant at Quint

Sean has over 25 years of working experience which includes 15 years in IT service management, with roles ranging from service delivery consultant to service delivery manager in various local and international companies worldwide. He has experience in conducting service improvements, process development & implementation, and project management and training others in applying methodologies and frameworks for greater effectiveness and efficiencies. Sean is also a certified FitSM Expert.

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