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Learn How User Experience Can Boost Development In Every Aspect

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Our Methodology and Objective is to empower learners to understand the full capability of UX by knowing what UX CAN DO, as well as what it WILL DO, and the importance of REDO for the purposes of improvement.


What is a UX Designer?

As UX professionals, they design applications, systems, and devices for human users with the intention of ensuring an interactive experience that is as easy to use as possible.
The role of the UX designer is to create a highly usable product by making the user’s tasks as easy as possible and smoothing the user’s transitions between tasks.

Benefits of Usability and User Experience

1.Understanding Problems
2.Improving Users’ Quality of Life
3.Increasing Sales
4.Validating Concepts
5.Clarifying Vision
6.Engaging Users as Customers
7.Gaining Credibility
8.Reducing the Resource Burden
9.Improving Estimation​

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User Experience (UX) Foundations
22-23 Nov


This course provides participants a research-based and practical understanding of the foundational models and insights essential to the UX field. You will learn that you don’t see the way you think you see. You don’t make decisions the way you think you decide. You don’t remember things the way you think you recall. And you don’t move the way you believe that you move. Without this foundation, you will design based on common sense…which is often wrong.

Understanding human vision, intellect, memory, and motor function is the baseline upon which every skilled UX professional should build their career; we show clearly how each idea applies directly to design decisions. This course will help you build credibility and improve your results by giving you the knowledge required to present your ideas from a research-based point of view.

What you’ll learn

We asked our top UX consultants which research findings and models they found most useful in their daily practice. Some findings were new, and the oldest went back to 1908. Taken together, they require a real shift in your understanding of how people function, and therefore a real shift in how you will design. These are the foundational models of the UX professional, and they will carry you forward as you continue to learn about the field.

Learn the key research and models defining

  • Vision
  • Intellectual Processing
  • Memory
  • Motor Control

Also learn about

  • Managing individual differences
  • Understanding new research
User-Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design
29 Nov -1 Dec


User-centered analysis provides the basis for designing software that makes sense to your users. Use proven, objective data gathering techniques to develop a clear understanding of who your users are and how they will approach your Web site or application.

Create effective, usable interfaces—the first time. This seminar walks you through HFI’s process for collecting and analyzing relevant user and task data, and for developing a conceptual architecture for design. Alternating between explanation, discussion, and hands-on exercises, the course offers participants the tools and confidence necessary to plan and conduct effective user-centered analysis.

What you’ll learn

  • User Profiling
  • Data Gathering
  • Task Analysis
  • Transitioning to design
The Science and Art of Effective Web and Application Design
6-8 Dec


Designing intuitive and effective user interfaces is both science and art. During this course, participants will learn how to apply research-based and field-tested Web and application design principles and methodologies.

Initially they will focus on the four foundational layers of the interface: Navigation, Presentation, Content, and Interaction. Participants will then be provided with the framework and methodology needed to support rapid prototyping initiatives. Finally, they will extend their sphere of influence through the application of accessibility and cross cultural design methods.

What you’ll learn

  • How to implement user-centered requirements into usable designs
  • How to integrate the focal points of design: Navigation, Presentation, Content, and Interaction
  • How Web site and application design strategies differ and overlap h
Practical Usability Testing
13-14 Dec


Rich functionality is worth little if the user can’t access it. Progressive testing of Web sites and software applications is critical for creating user-centered designs.

This course provides quick and practical testing techniques that you can use to help move the design into compliance with the users’ needs, limitations, mental models and cognitive styles. This today comprehensive course gives designers and developers tools and techniques to observe how users experience their interfaces. You will learn essential testing techniques ranging from simple paper prototype tests to cutting-edge remote testing using advanced tool sets, so that you can successfully moderate your usability tests.

What you’ll learn

  • How to design, analyze, and present results of tests
  • Refine your facilitation technique
  • Remote testing
  • Comparison tests
  • How to use server logs for usability

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All The Courses Are HRDC Fully Claimable. Send in your enquiry today.

Would You Like To Speak with Our Training Solution Consultant?

All The Courses Are HRDC Fully Claimable. Send in your enquiry today.


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