Microsoft Excel With Lookup Functions

Date : 26/03/2022 | Time : 10am – 2pm | Fee : RM69

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When To Use LookUp Function?

Use LOOKUP when you need to look in a single row or column and find a value from the same position in a second row or column.


For example, let’s say you know the part number for an auto part, but you don’t know the price. You can use the LOOKUP function to return the price in cell H2 when you enter the auto part number in cell H1.

Who Need To Learn This?

  • Clerks
  • Officers
  • Executives
  • Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • Managers of all levels

What Can You Expect From This?

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Course Outline

Lesson 1 : Working  with Array Formulas

  • What are Array Formulas?
  • Defining Basic Array Formulas
  • Using Functions within Array Formulas

Lesson 2 : Using The VLOOKUP Function

  • Understanding VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP
  • How to Find an Exact Match with VLOOKUP
  • Finding an Approximate Match with VLOOKUP
  • Using VLOOKUP as an Array Formula

Lesson 3 : Using the Advanced Function

  • Using the INDEX Function
  • Using the MATCH Function
  • Combining the MATCH and INDEX functions


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