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Canva Design For Everyone Package


Why CANVA? Endless Possibilities, You Don’t Need Design Skills, It’s Easy to Use.


Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are endless with Canva, and it truly can help elevate your content to the next level. Canva is meant for the non-designer, has many similar functionalities to Adobe Photoshop, and is a completely professional-level program with over 10 million users.


You Don’t Need Design Skills

I have no artistic ability; a 2-year-old can draw a better stick figure than me. My lack of design ability makes Canva a must use tool for me. They have layouts available that you can work with and make your own by swapping out images and changing the text and font.


It’s Easy to Use

Even if you don’t work off a layout that Canva has, it is still easy to use. You can drag and drop images you want to upload as the background or select an image from their site. Canva has grids available so you can divide up the image you are creating into smaller sections.

Canva Design For Everyone Package

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