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What is Training Solution Advisor?

A training solution advisor is not to be confused with a training solution provider. The former offers pre-training preparations as well as post-training support. Training sessions are designed according to client’s needs and results are measured and ensured. Our focus as learning advisors is also to ensure that the right person is sent for the right training, allowing this individual to fully understand and apply what has been taught, as opposed to attending training sessions that are ineffective or irrelevant. This concept will eventually lead to improved staff productivity, rapidly increasing the overall business operational efficiency. It is a win-win situation.

Difference Between Training Solution Provider vs Advisor

Traditional Training Solution Provider

Training Solution Advisor

How Does Training Solution Advisor Work?

To avoid randomly signing up to training programs that might not benefits the employees and company, Info Trek online assessment able to help company to understand their employee’s skill and knowledge, and decide which training programs are most suitable for them.

Our training solution focuses on customising the training program so that employee can get personalised experience and knowledge that help them to be more competent.

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“Send the Right Person to the Right Training”

- Info Trek

Benefits of Hiring Training Solution Advisor

Cost Saving

Time Saving

Tailor-Made Training

Ensured Results

Post Training Support


Microsoft Office Training Program

We now offer Microsoft training programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users!

Our Principals

We Tailored-Made Every Training Programs To Reach Optimum Training Result

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